Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Few Light Observations

1st Light Observation
I had everyone meet up at Lowe’s early in the morning because I felt like a cloudy early morning empty parking lot in black and white would be a nice aesthetic. Also I thought the clouds would keep things a little dimmer than usual therefore we would not have any problems with light. However, what we observed through using the light meter is that even though there were clouds out, it was still very bright outside. I guess it was more of a white bright than it was an orange bright. So some of the ideas that we had for shots needed to be rethought.

2nd Light Observation
In the parking lot I had Ideas for the realistic shots. But those ideas were the ones that were ruined by there being too much light out there. So what we did was calculate where we need to have the shutter speed in order to shoot outside with the light given. We also put in a high slide. So the same pictures that were meant to be realistic and shot using the specific shutter speed ended up being adjusted to different settings to deal with the brightness, and in doing so we dubbed those photos experimental or abstract.

3rd Light Observation
Another light observation that I made was after we left the parking lot at Lowe’s. I took the guys to a pier that’s actually close by campus, across the street from Carolina Cove and the apartments over there. The view is really cool. There’s a lake with a giant patch of forest smack dab in the middle of it. So the forest looks like an island. I guess it is an island. I wanted to get pictures of it. However, there was no way for us to get a light reading on the forest/island. Unless we hopped in a boat. So what we ended up having to do was place an object on the bannister of the pier and get a shot of the object with the forest/island in the background. That way we could take a light reading from the object (pair of glasses) and know what settings we’d need the camera to be on to take the photo.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Absolute Film

There is obviously something incredibly special going on when considering the creation of Absolute Films as well as Absolute Music and every other creative medium in the category. I think what makes the creation so special is how it began. Extremely raw, natural, and detailed. Calling attention to it's own creativeness rather than masking or hiding it. It was cool finding out that a lot of the earliest Absolute Film makers were artists as well. It's amazing how all art forms can influence one another. Now that we have much more advanced technology i feel like some of the natural creativity is lost however the it also opens up so many other lanes of creative opportunity.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

My name is Miko Ellison and this is my "Artist Manifesto"

As an artist my goal is to deliver pieces of work in which an audience can feel my presence and personality. Always there's a lot on my mind. Things concerning how the world works and how we go about living in it. I think about the way I was brought up and how I view life. I believe that everyone has a voice and that we all would like to be heard. However society can make it seem like our voices don't matter in the grand scheme of things. But they do. Our voices matter. My voice matters. And I speak through art. I make music and I am pursuing film as another language.  The music that I create and the films I want to make are symbolic of my voice. And I plan on being heard.